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Palmyra: Mediterranean Fusion
650 Beaumont, Montréal, Québec, H3N-1V5. Tel: (514) 277-4485; Fax: (514) 277-1022

What we do:

Palmyra is an exciting and reliable family run catering business based in Montreal and has been in operation since 1994.

We deliver to our customers hand crafted, preservative free, Mediterranean finger foods. Bursting with traditional flavors our classics such as homemade hummus and tabouli salad to the delectable “pitawitchhh” and addictive “pitachips”, our family always carries our clients’ palette and satisfaction at heart!

Where we came from:
Based in Montreal, the company was set-up by Mr. and Mrs. Bachour who wanted to bring the delightful taste of Mediterranean snacks into Canadian homes. By focusing on fresh, preservative-free and affordable products, a small but loyal customer base was quickly established. Nearly 15 years later, this small customer base was transformed in to a larger group of loyal clients ranging from individuals at home to small and medium sized business who were all looking for the same thing – healthily and impressive home-made Arabic mezze… minus the time in the kitchen.

Until today, Palmyra's food is still made on location under the supervision of Mrs. Bachour. Anne, their daughter, oversees the company’s overall functions from marketing to R&D as well as for sales and production processes. Every step of the production is conducted with the utmost care and delicate attention to detail to ensure that every product is sealed to perfection. The team of professionals is involved from start to finish including the sourcing of raw material to packing and delivery. This way, Palmyra has full control over the quality and care of every product it creates.

What makes us different: 

We love what we do, and our traditional creations inspire our customers!

Since day one, our food has been and remains a perfect example of healthy innovative savory snacks. From our kitchen to your table, the taste and value we offer is incomparable to the everyday packaged foods available in supermarkets and mass catering distributors. If you are looking for that added value or just a special touch to your spread, Palmyra guarantees you your satisfaction